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Initial Public Offerings
To receive the Diversified LVR the Lending Value of the Acceptable Investment must not represent more than the allowable Concentration Limit in the Secured Portfolio. Any Market Value not eligible for the Diversified LVR may receive the Standard Lending Ratio. Please call 1300 307 807 for more information. Lending Ratio - The percentage applied from time to time by the Lender in its absolute discretion to particular items of the Secured Portfolio and, if no percentage is allocated by the Lender for a particular item of the Secured Portfolio, means zero. You must confirm the Lending Ratio applicable to your Secured Portfolio prior to purchasing Acceptable Investments. Lending Ratios are set for the purpose of managing the Lender’s risk and do not represent, and should not be interpreted as, investment recommendations or advice. Maximum Units – The maximum number of units a Lending Ratio will be applied to. The Lender may at any time and at its absolute discretion, change the Acceptable Investment List, any percentage to calculate the Buffer, or any Lending Ratio in accordance with the Margin Loan Facility Agreement. The information in this document forms part of the Leveraged Equities Margin Loan Product Disclosure Statement (the PDS).

Share Builders
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