Case Studies

Jess' important life milestones

In this section. Jess' important life milestones. Jess, like most of us, has big life goals, such as buying a house, furthering her education, travelling and retiring comfortably. But to achieve this, it's going to cost Jess money - money she

Margin Loan case study

In this section. Margin Loan case study. A Margin Loan allows you to borrow money, in addition to your own, to invest in a wide variety of acceptable. investments, including shares, exchange traded funds, listed investment companies, and managed

Rewards Plus case study

With Rewards Plus you can earn Qantas Points based on your loan balance. And best of all, Rewards Plus offers you uncapped points potential.

Instalment gearing case study

Instalment gearing combines two investment strategies: borrowing to invest, and regular investing. By implementing a regular savings and investment plan you can progressively build an investment portfolio.

Investment Funds Multiplier case study

In this section. Investment Funds Multiplier case study. Sandy contributed $40, 000 into a standard Margin Loan and borrowed $40, 000 to invest $80, 000 into Fund A, which has a maximum lending ratio of 75% assigned to it. Now let’ s assume that

Covered calls case study

A covered call involves owning or buying a share and then selling a ‘call option’. The seller of a covered call needs to determine what price they are prepared to sell their shares at (the strike price). If they are comfortable to commit to a

What happens in a margin call?

In this section. What happens in a margin call? A margin call occurs when the total amount owing exceeds the lending value by an amount greater than the Buffer. Active management of your facility can reduce the likelihood of a margin call occurring.

Education savings plan

Along with nurturing and protecting children, a good education is a fundamental responsibility for all parents. Education costs vary greatly between states, districts, level and type of school. However, one consistent challenge is the

Eliminate house 'fomo'

Many young Australians are suffering from house ‘fomo’. This buzzword – meaning ‘fear of missing out’ – is flippant in its origins; however, fomo accurately describes the state of housing affordability amongst gen Y, and the condition is