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Margin Loan

Through a Margin Loan you can borrow to aquire an investment portfolio, meaning you can increase your investment opportunities more than if you were only using your own assets. Our Margin Loans have a number of flexible features, including a range of interest rates and ways you can choose to pay; a variety of acceptable investments; and the ability to use the services of a stockbroker or financial planner of your choice.

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Investment Funds Multiplier

With Investment Funds Multiplier, you can borrow to invest with the added benefit of a periodic repayment plan. In the event of a significant and sustained fall in portfolio value, you can progressively reduce the loan through periodic repayments, until the gearing ratio is restored to an acceptable level. This gives you more certainty about the amount you may have to pay should the value of your portfolio fall, making it easier for you to manage your cash flow.

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Direct Investment Loan

The Direct Investment Loan is a lower interest rate Margin Loan tailored for investors who prefer to manage their own facility. You'll receive the essentials you need such as online application, online tools and integration with the low-fee online broker of your choice.

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Share Builders

As Self-Funding Instalment Warrants, Share Builders offer investors a convenient way to borrow money to build a portfolio of listed securities, such as shares and exchange traded funds. Share Builders can be purchased directly via a broker the same way shares are bought on the ASX.

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