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Learn more about wealth building and navigating dynamic market conditions. Enhance your understanding of gearing through our knowledge and expertise.

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Want to find out to diversify your portfolio, the benefits of franking credits or tax considerations for margin lending? Learn more about wealth building, navigating dynamic market conditions and enhance your understanding of gearing.

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Initial public offerings

Initial Public Offerings, commonly referred to as IPOs or a Share Floats, provide an opportunity to invest in a company prior to the initial listing and trading on a stock exchange. Examples of past opportunities include AMP, Commonwealth Bank, Telstra, and Medibank Private. If you are considering taking part in an upcoming IPO, you may be able to use your Margin Loan to subscribe for shares.

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International Investing

Gearing is borrowing money for the purpose of investing. By adding borrowed funds to your own, you can increase your total amount available for investment. Australians have historically geared into property via a mortgage. Investors can also gear into the sharemarket as a way of having more funds to invest.

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Options in action

Options give investors more flexibility. Unlike a vanilla stock portfolio where investors can only profit when their shares rise in value, derivatives offer benefits in a range of market conditions. Watch our video to find out more.

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Case studies

Trying to avoid house ‘fomo’? Want to know what happens in a margin call? Keen to get an education savings plan started? Check out these case studies to see how you can put gearing strategies into practice.

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Financial markets update

Featuring David Robertson, Head of Economic and Market Research for Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, Leveraged has access to market leading data to ensure you have the knowledge you need, when you need it.

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