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There is often a trigger point or crisis that leads a client to seek financial advice. The value an adviser provides to their clients is bridging the gap between what they want and how they can get there.

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A guide to ETFs

Exchange traded funds (ETF) are one of the fastest growing investment tools in the world. This is because they are easy to understand and give investors a convenient way to add diversification to their portfolio.

Share Builders: simple and streamlinedShare Builders offer investors a convenient way to borrow money to build a portfolio of listed securities. This article interviews Samuel James, who explains how Share Builders are a popular solution for his clients.
'Tis the season to...Fix, Prepay and DiversifyPrepaying the interest on your clients' loan may bring you greater certainty and locking in your loan at a competitive fixed rate will minimise the impact of interest rate fluctuations. Each June, you can fix and prepay interest through Leveraged. 
Leverage: Where advisers fear to tred

This article focuses on borrowing to invest in financial assets (equities, other listed investments and managed funds which cover a broad range of asset classes) rather than buying an investment property. This is not a view about the relative potential return of any particular asset class. However, it’s worth reflecting on one key difference between direct property ownership and financial assets: divisibility.

Gearing: Shares vs property

Almost everyone understands the benefits of borrowing money to invest in property. However, the similarities and benefits of gearing into equities compared to property is not so easily understood. With soaring property prices, investors need to explore other asset groups to build wealth. For Australians already holding property, diversification is an important consideration to reduce concentration risk and protect wealth. We’ve explored the age-old argument of shares vs property to bring you the pros and cons of both.

Next generation referralsAccording to the New York Times, 65% of all new business comes from referrals. For many of us, recommendations don’t carry more weight than from our parents, especially with big financial decisions. This is why talking with your clients about their children’s needs should be a priority for all advisers.
Next generation needsStarting the conversation with the next generation may require a different way of thinking, but it could be the best investment your business ever makes.


Margin Loan fact sheetFact sheet for clients explaining how to build wealth by borrowing to invest
Investment Funds Multiplier fact sheetFact sheet for clients explaining the built in limits and controls of this product, exclusive to Leveraged
Exchange Options Plus fact sheetFact sheet for clients about combining Exchange Traded Funds with a Margin Loan
Short Plus fact sheetFact sheet for clients about combining Short Selling with a Margin Loan
Instalment Plus fact sheetFact sheet for clients about progressively building an investment portfolio through instalment gearing
Rewards Plus fact sheetFact sheet for clients about earning Qantas Points with Leveraged
Citi Bonus CertificatesLeveraged is now lending on Bonus Certificates - one of the most innovative tools on the ASX


Positive gearing case studyIn this yield strategy, we demonstrate how borrowing to invest can help a client to have sufficient cash flow to meet ongoing education expenses
Investing in international sharesLeveraged offers a Lending Ratio for international shares traded on various exchanges from around the globe. This document discusses the benefits of global exposure and how to get started
Next generation needsIt’s time to start having conversations with the next generations. It may require a different way of thinking, but it could be the best investment your business ever makes
Next gen referrals

An integral part of broadening your value proposition through estate planning is talking to your clients’ beneficiaries. Bringing children into the conversation not only makes sense, it is your ready-made client pool.

Gearing: shares vs propertyThis article examines the pros and cons of investing in shares vs property, then introduces Share Builders as an easy way to gain exposure to the market.


Workbook: Introduction to margin lendingThis workbook explains margin lending and how it works, why a customer would use margin lending, plus how to calculate how much a customer can borrow, as well as margin calls and how to reduce their probability